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    • National Magazine Award Gold Medal
    • 手机翻国外网站教程
    • Alberta Trade Fiction Book of the Year
    • Stephan G. Stephanson Award for Poetry
    • Wilfrid Eggleston Award for Non-fiction
    • Malahat Review Long Poem Competition
    • Poet Laureate, City of Edmonton, 2005-7
    • Writers Guild of Alberta Golden Pen Award


    Three blog posts featuring Alice

    December 2, 2024

    Shell of Moon and Sun
    September 27, 2024

    Read Alice’s Szumigalski talk, “Scansion and Science”


    Alice has published eleven collections of poetry, two novels for young adults and an award-winning collection of essays about poetry and science. She came to Edmonton the long way round. She grew up in Dumbarton, Scotland – a small town on the banks of the Clyde, not far from Glasgow. Her family came to Canada when she was eight, and she grew up in Toronto before coming west to work as a reporter on 翻到外国的网站加速软件 in British Columbia. She has been an active supporter of the arts and writing community:

    • First poet laureate for the City of Edmonton (2005-7)
    • Past president of the League of Canadian Poets,
    • Past president of the Writers Guild of Alberta,
    • Past chair of the Edmonton Arts Council.
    • Founder, Edmonton Poetry Festival

    Hear Alice perform

    Alice’s work on the web – links to poems/prose published elsewhere



    My father was a poet too, and a profound influence on my life and work. In fact, you could say my experience of poetry leaps back over a hundred years of innovation and change, straight to the late 1700s and Robert Burns… 如何越狱上国外网站

    a Memory

    There is a time in your life when you realize that you are shaped more by your mother’s childhood than your own. I may have been, in theory, a child of the post-war boomers, a product of the 60s. But really, I am shaped by the world she grew up in, which was really formed by the Victorian era… [read more]

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